Leorar Carter

A young upcoming monk, went through the gates of dawn, now a crusader


Ability Scores: Str:10(0) Dex:10(0) Con:10(0) Int:10(0) Wis:20(5) Cha:12(1)

Combat Options Base Attack Bonus: +6/+1 (-2) 1. weapon:Longsword AB:+1 DMG:1d8 Critical: 19-20×2 (once per day make a 4d6 fire attack in 30’ as a ranged touch attack)

Hit Points: 8


Initiative modifier:+0

Grapple Modifier: +6

Saving Throws: Fort: +6 Ref: +2 Will: +6

AC:25 Touch:10 FF:25

Armor Worn:Full Mountain Plate, Armor Bonus:+11, Max Dex:+0, Armor Check:-8

Shield Carried:Mithril Tower Shield, Max Armor Bonus:+4, Dex:+4, Armor Check:-7, (-2 penalty on attacks)(as a standard action weilder recieves total cover from everything on opposite side of tower shield

skills: Ride(Dex): Concentration(Con): Craft (weaponsmithing)(Int): Knowledge (Arcana)(Int):4 Knowledge (History)(Int): Knowledge (Religion)(Int):4 Spellcraft(Int): Heal(Wis):16 Profession(Wis): Handle Animal(Cha): Intimidate(Cha):

Racial Traits/Class Features: 1.Luminous Sigils – glowing, insubstantial sigils float around an Illumian’s head, giving off light as bright as a candle. May be suppressed as a Standard Action and restored as a Free Action. Gains one Sigil at 1st level and another at 2nd. A power is gained from each (see page 49), and the two form a ‘word’ which grants additional abilities (Krau wis., Vaul cha,)

2.Glyphic Resonance – if the Illumian comes in contact with a Glyph, Rune, Sigil, or Symbol –and– his/her character level is greater than or equal the spell’s caster level, he/she is immune. If the character level is less, then the Illumian receives a –4 Racial penalty on any saving throw.

3.Final Utterance – when an Illumian dies, “words” trapped in his/her body are released for 1 round per HD. Although often gibberish, sometimes the words are curses and/or prophetic.

4. Deific Foe: The Crusader chooses a Deity opposed to his/her Patron Deity. Against worshipers of an enemy Deity, the Crusader gains a +4 Morale bonus on attacks & damage.

5.Crusader Bonus Feats: Same as Fighter BonusFeats, except remove Weapon Specialization & Greater Weapon Specialization and add Combat Casting.

6.Smite, 1/day: The Crusader declares a use of Smite before attacking. As long as the target does not worship the Crusader’s Deity, does not have the Crusader’s alignment, & does not have the Deity’s alignment, the attack has a bonus of the Crusader’s Charisma modifier, and if successful, does +Class level damage.

7.Turn Foe’s Followers: The Crusader may Turn/Destroy worshipers of a Deific Foe. This is resolved in the same way as Turning/Destroying Undead. Usable (3 + Charisma modifier) times per day. 5+ ranks of Knowledge (religion) grants a +2 bonus on the Turning check.

8. sigils: 1.Vaul: +3 on Cha checks and Cha based skill checks 2.Hoon: +3 on Wis checks, Con checks, Wis based skill checks, and Con based skill checks 3.HoonVaul:expend a spell slot not holding a prepared spell as a swift action to gain a bonus equal to the spell level to smite attack and damage roll Feats: 1.Improved Sigil (Hoon):Your Hoon power sigil grants you a +3 Insight bonus per power sigil on saving throws against death effects, on saves to avoid death my massive damage, and on Fortitude saves to avoid nonlethal damage from hot and cold environments or to resist damage from suffocation. 2.Improved Sigil (Vaul):Your Vaul power sigil grants you a +3 Insight bonus per power sigil on saving throws against mind-affecting abilities. 3.Subtle Sigil:Make sigils appear or disappear as a free action and still gain benefits when they’re not visible. 4.Enhance Power Sigils: Bonuses granted by your sigils imporves by 1. 5.Tower Shield Proficiency: You are proficient with all tower shields 6.Heavy Armor Optimization:increase AC by 1 and decrease Armor check penalty by 1 for heavy armor


Leorar Carter

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